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Spray foam insulation in Belleville

Spray foam insulation is a type of building insulation that’s used to seal and insulate walls, floors, ceilings, and roofs. Expandable foam insulation is blown into cracks and crevices and is applied in cracks and crevices that are allowing heat to escape. Contact us to learn more about this type of insulation.

Two types of foam spray insulation

A closed cell provides a better barrier against weather and pests, while an open cell offers better sound insulation due to its lack of density.

Open cell insulation tends to be spongy, due to the higher volume of air that present in the cells. Closed cell insulation is denser and more rigid.

Benefits of spray foam insulation

​Spray foam insulation has proven itself to be a superior option for protecting homes or offices. Spray foam insulation is more expensive than batt insulation, however, there are several benefits to using spray foam insulation in certain types of application. Below we review several benefits of employing spray foam insulation as one of the options available from Belleville Insulation.

It creates airtight seals

One of the advantages of spray foam insulation in an attic is that it provides additional protection from water damage if your roof becomes compromised from wind or ice.  The foam effectively fills the spaces and cracks between roof joists and gaps in the wooden structure.

It deters moisture

Sprayable foam can be installed in any room, including your crawl space. Even though it is sprayable, it does not flow like a traditional foam. As a result, it does not spread out, and is designed to push inward. Furthermore, it forms a barrier against moisture on the walls and floors, so there is no need for tape or vapour barrier.

It improves comfort

For many people, the most appealing aspect of installing spray foam in your home is that the insulation can be applied on almost any building surface. It also promotes a consistent climate in your home or office. Unlike other insulation options, spray foam sticks to every surface and creates an air-tight seal so reduces thermal fluctuations, so it can keep your home or office warm and dry.

It improves indoor air quality

Spray foam insulation works in a similar way to other insulation, like fiberglass or mineral-based rockwool, to prevent moisture from entering through the walls of your building. However, because spray foam is a closed cell product, it can be more effective than other materials for creating an effective barrier to moisture, insects and other pests. Therefore, spray foam insulation can prevent mold and other pollutants from gathering inside walls and interior spaces. As a non-toxic option that combats respiratory issues caused by poor air quality spray foam insulation is great for protecting the health of your family.

It is easy to install

Spray-foam is generally considered to be an environmentally friendly insulation. Its application can be fast, simple, and cost-efficient. This is because it can be applied to tight spaces or uninsulated areas with no difficulties. It is applied as a thick covering that fills every nook and cranny. The insulation dries quickly, and is usually  ready in about a day’s time.

It is environmentally friendly

Spray foam insulation is one of the most eco-friendly building materials; due to its low cost and versatility, it is widely used to reduce energy consumption in buildings.

It provides additional strength to buildings

Spray foam insulation is the most durable way of insulating a residential or commercial property. It gives you strength in terms of building materials, providing stability and protection in ways similar to layers of plywood in a construction process. This type of insulation can be applied in one go, making it affordable for construction projects of all sizes. If you want to create a lasting insulation, consider using spray foam.

It lasts

​​​Traditional insulation may lose its effectiveness over time because of settling and compacting of the insulation material. Spray foam stays where it is applied and will perform exactly as it should for decades. There are only two chemical materials in spray foam insulation — polyurethane and isocyanate. When combined, the two material expand and harden, so spray foam will never lose its shape, and once it cures, it will not shift or sag over time. Even when exposed to extreme temperatures, spray foam can stand up to the coldest Canadian winters or the heat of a summer attic space.

How much does spray foam insulation cost?

There are many factors that affect the costs and it’s difficult to answer this question. It can be as much as 3x the cost compared to fiberglass insulation. The factors we consider when estimating spray foam costs for your property are listed below.

  • The quantity of material needed
  • The specific type/density of foam insulation being used
  • The area to be covered, the location, and the time required to do the job
  • Any additional preparatory work required

There is no guarantee that any type of insulation will pay for itself. However, spray foam insulation will reduce heating and cooling costs and will typically pay for itself within three to five years. Furthermore, spray foam will expand, sealing up leaks so that heating and cooling equipment won’t need to work as hard to compensate for lost air.

When you’re ready to discuss this in more detail, talk to our experts at Belleville Insulation and we’ll be happy to answer all your questions and give you a free estimate.

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